Peer Review Format - Facilitators Version

The system of peer review for Conductive Facilitators at Rainbow House has been put in place for 2 key reasons:

  1. To ensure continued professional development for all conductive facilitators
  2. To ensure excellent standards of Conductive Education provision

Peer review is the evaluation of scientific, academic, or professional work by others working in the same field.  

Peer review methods are employed to maintain and improve standards of quality and performance.

As such the Conductive Facilitator Peer Review allows us to internally evaluate the work of ourselves and our colleagues in order to maintain and improve our work both individually and as an organisation.

The system of peer review is based around consideration of 8 areas of work that are considered as key methodological and professional skills required of a conductive facilitator.These areas are as follows

  • Facilitator-Child/Adult Relationship & Knowledge of Individuals
  • Facilitator--Parent/Family/Carer Relationship
  • The Programme, Daily routine, & Time Management
  • The Task Series, Rhythmical Intention & The Group Dynamic
  • Facilitation & Observation
  • The Learning Environment
  • Motivation, Communication with Colleagues & Ability to Take Direction
  • Adaptability/Flexibility

Note: Conductive Facilitators are always under the supervision of a qualified Conductor during CE practice.It is an expectation that the qualified Conductors will provide support and guidance on the implementation of conductive practice continually within CE practice.

The rating system is based on a 1-5 grading.This is in line with the current peer-review guidance from the EYFS. There is also a section to allow for observations & comments

  1. - RARELY
  3. - USUALLY
  4. - ALWAYS
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