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Step and Learn offers free Conductive Education sessions for children with Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental Delay and other disorders. Our aim, like Andras Peto, the Hungarian founder of CE, is to view the child holistically, believing in the theory that motor disabled children learn in the same way as their peers. We teach our children how to control their physical movements, educating and motivate them through play to become active participants throughout their daily lives. 

Step and Learn promotes a setting that is fun, active, stimulating and diverse. All children are engaged in activities which aim to bring out their full potential. 

The group plays an important part in the development of the personality and social skills of the child. Children and their parents learn, support and encourage each other. Equally important is that every child and parent within the group receives individual attention. With the leadership and advice of a conductor, the parents and carers gain a greater understanding of developmental delay and how it may affect their child's ability to achieve. 

To attend our sessions all you need to do is contact our team on 01634 787951 to book an assessment, which will enable the team to determine the appropriate programmes needed to aid the child to reach their full potential. 

Age groups worked with

Step and Learn is open between Tuesday and Friday for pre-school children 0-5 years. Children attend with their parent or carer for sessions that last for one hour once a week. Early intervention is vital as the children develop much more quickly in the early years. 

On Saturdays we accommodate school aged children. The groups are age and ability based with sessions lasting between one to two hours.

Our team

Key staff

Reka Keseru- lead conductor
Bernadett Patai- conductor
Julie Talbott- assistant

Number of staff


Number of conductors


There are currently no CE jobs listed.

Get in touch

English Martyrs Community Hall
37 Frindsbury Road


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