PCA – Working Within a Team

This document is based upon the personal experiences of the authors and has benefitted from contributions from PCA members. It offers conductors a perspective on team working in a bid to increase confidence and understanding of ourselves and other professions. It also gives opportunity for ongoing CPD with questions at the end to facilitate reflection. Conductors can not work […]

PCA Continual Professional Development

PCA’s guide to continual professional development for conductors. Download the guide to continual professional development document.

What is Conductive Education?

Find out more about Conductive Education in this document. Download What is Conductive Education PDF

Professional Standards for Conductors in the UK

These standards have been written for the following purposes: 1. To provide a framework of professional standards from which conductor training in the UK should be based. 2. To provide a framework of minimum standards for qualified conductors working in the UK. 3. As a support for conductor’s professional development 4. As a basis for […]

Moving and Handling in Conductive Education

Moving and handling regulations have the potential to create uncertainty and fear for those working within Conductive Education (CE). When regulations were first produced they were rigid and there was a temptation to adhere to them strictly. With time, a more realistic and flexible approach has developed, and it is with this in mind that […]

PCA Code of practice for Conductors

Contains agreed codes of practice for conductors, describing the standards of conduct and practice within which they should work. Download PDF